Exclusive to April Brodie is the Buccal Fusion Facial experience.

Confirmed by elite athletes, models, and beauty experts alike, the Buccal Fusion Facial is so much more than advanced skin renewal, it’s an unmatched sensory experience.

The Buccal Fusion Facial was designed to provide facial muscles the attention they deserved. Often neglected, the muscles within the face require stimulation and movement to maintain tautness and vitality – just like the rest of our bodies. April unites an unforgettable blend of detoxification, stimulation, and relaxation to deliver an Australia-exclusive facial experience.

Over an indulgent 90-minutes, this deeply relaxing facial balances holistic facial therapy with an uplifting sculpting facial massage to leave the skin visibly firm and lifted. Beginning with the Buccal Facial, discover a skin experience like no other. Known as a ‘natural face lift’, April’s Buccal rhythm sculpts and awakens your complexion by improving blood flow, stimulating natural collagen production, softening deep lines, and sagging whilst easing muscle tension.

They say glowing skin begins from within and without a doubt, the Buccal Fusion Facial is its gateway.

What to Expect

Every move during the Buccal Fusion Facial is highly considered to release blockages and improve the skin’s performance. Ideal for those with concerns of jaw clenching, teeth grinding and tension headaches, April’s Buccal techniques welcomes newfound oxygenation within the skin, releasing unwanted tension and igniting optimal blood flow and circulation.

With every treatment, the skin welcomes newfound oxygenation to release blockages and enrich the skin’s function and immunity. This makes the Buccal Fusion Facial ideal for concerns with jaw clenching, teeth grinding and tension headaches, as well as those regularly engaging their jaw muscles such as when acting or singing.

Gua Sha Stone Massage

Next, April next begins her indulgent Gua Sha Stone Massage to bring the skin back into balance. Australia’s first qualified Cecily Braden Gua Sha Practitioner, surrender to the invigorating sensation of the Gua Sha stones dancing across your complexion as April relieves further muscle tension and stimulates lymphatic release.

A stunning unison of mindful and meditative facial rejuvenation, April’s Gua Sha therapy ignites your natural healing power for skin that truly flourishes. Infusing deep healing that decreases puffiness, refines deep wrinkles, and lines and deeply detoxifies for youthful vitality, the rhythmic Gua Sha experience is the perfect conclusion to your Buccal Fusion Facial experience.

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