About the Bee Venom Facial

As An Australian first and internationally renowned Bee Venom Facial has launched at leading integrated facialist, April Brodie. an Australian first, the internationally renowned Bee Venom Facial was launched in Febuary  2022 by Leading Integrated Facialist, April Brodie.

Can you Imagine a mask so exclusive that only 500 of them are made every year? Dubbed the ‘facelift in a jar’, the ground-breaking Bee Venom Facial is exclusively available from Australia’s only trained and certified Bee Venom Facial expert, April Brodie. Renowned for bringing rare and highly skilled treatment experiences to our shores, April is thrilled to be adding this celebrity-loved facial, made famous by UK beauty pioneer Deborah Mitchell, to her treatment menu.

From the Minogue’s to the Middleton’s (and a rumoured Markle too), the Bee Venom Facial has taken the red carpet by storm with its ability to rejuvenate the skin for an exceptionally smoother and firmer appearance in those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles the smoothing and lifting effect of injectables with exceptional rejuvenation to blemished and compromised complexions.

Bee venom contains more than 20 known compounds that promote significant anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin rejuvenating benefits.

Why Bee Venom is the elixir of youthfulness

Bee venom is not just another fleeting beauty trend; it is a proven skin rejuvenation solution backed by years of ground-breaking innovations that Deborah and her Heaven Skincare team have developed.

Certain cosmeceutical brands use bee venom in their formulations; however, Heaven Skincare is the only brand to develop a bee venom integrated, and specialised treatment within the aesthetics space. , Through harnessing their patented formulation, Heaven skincare have transformed countless complexions across the globe.

Bee venom contains more than 20 known compounds that promote significant anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin rejuvenating benefits.

Heaven Skincare have developed a revolutionary, natural alternative to Botox known as ABEETOXIN® . It works by mimicking the honeybee sting

and triggers the body’s natural wound healing response. This process increases blood flow to the targeted area resulting in accelerated production of collagen and elastin, These essential structural proteins hold the key to stronger, firmer, and more youthful looking skin.

This unique facial experience has been created using sustainably sourced, natural, and organic ingredients to not only tackle the visible signs of ageing but also combat sun damage, pigmentation, acne, and rosacea. Combined with an array of signature April Brodie relaxation techniques, the Bee Venom Facial beautifully unites tranquillity with advanced aesthetic practices.

Your treatment experience

At the heart of the Bee Venom Facial is the effect of a face lift without going under the knife. Working to relax the muscles and boost collagen and elastin, the Bee Venom Facial leaves your facial features appearing chiselled, firmer, and smoother with your mind and body deeply restored.

Your facial will begin with a thorough cleanse to gently remove any makeup and surface impurities. This perfectly primes the skin for the highly active ingredients to follow. The next step comprises of Bee Polish, a non-abrasive exfoliant that will kick start your journey to a more refined and restored complexion thanks to its inclusion of ABEETOXIN.

Before indulging in the signature April Brodie massage technique, the ABEETOXIN® formula is delicately applied to your eye contour area to instantly depuff and brighten. Soon after, the anti-inflammatory powerhouse, Willow Bee Mask will be gently placed on the skin.

Drift off as April releases your everyday tensions with a divine foot and leg massage to prepare you for the final showstopper, the Bee Venom Mask.

During your treatment, professional-grade LED Light Therapy will be utilised to further enhance your skin rejuvenation results.

To achieve the accelerated results this innovation is known for, the Bee Venom Mask is left on as you depart your treatment and continues to harness its power throughout your day.

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